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Market Research – Chocolate?

February 29, 2008

Amidst all the news about chocolate and its functional benefits comes market research

Functional chocolate creeps up on mainstream-1.jpg

from Confectionary News

So we now know that “27 per cent of consumers in these countries buy chocolate to promote a feeling of well-being and boost their mood”. I thought everyone ate chocolate for this pleasure – maybe not!

Its interesting to consider what other reason people may have to eat chocolate? sustenance, nutritional value, sweetness, medicinal, school feeding, famine relief?


Craft Brewers

February 29, 2008

Having just been in the Western Cape and seen how the new vineyards market themselves as small, exclusive and expensive this trend in the beer market in the US makes sense, especially because commercial beer is so bland.

Brewers aiming smaller in US craft beer drive.jpg

What is interesting is that the word CRAFT is used which is often used to mean a tradition or homemade product, but these beers are technologically equivalent to large scale industrial beers.

from Beverage Daily

Important Confectionary News!

February 26, 2008

Food Navigator report on the culmination of 3 years of research by Nestle to find a natural colourant to be able to reintroduce the Blue Smartie!

Blue Smarties are back thanks to Spirulina.jpg-2.jpg

The solution is based on the use Spirulina which is manufactured from cyanobacteria (blue-green lake algae) algae. However, details of the process and information on whether the nutritional benefits of Spirulina will be maintained in the Smarties.

Food Navigator also notes that “There have been increasing health concerns regarding artificial food colourings and flavourings. Manufacturers have been responding to consumer demand to reduce artificial additives on the back of health concerns and a growing trend to choose natural and organic. They report on a study where Mintel found that more than a thousand new food products claiming to be additive- and preservative-free were launched in the UK last year.