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Biscuits in the Boardroom

June 25, 2008

This research came to the conclusion that serving the right biscuit in the boardroom contributes to clinching business deals!

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from: Food and
Drink Europe

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Some of the pearls in the report are:

.. 58 per cent said biscuits can “positively influence a company’s first impressions”.

.. biscuits were deemed the second most important aspect when hobnobbing in the boardroom, coming behind only the type of tables and chairs provided. Biscuits were prioritised over the lighting, technology and artwork in the room.

The classic chocolate digestives proved to be the professionals’ preferred biscuit. However, its top status meant it was also considered the biscuit of choice to soften the blow when delivering bad news for 18 per cent respondents.

Shortbread came in second for the boardroom’s top biscuits, followed by oat biscuits such as Hobnobs, jam rings and then Bourbons.

.. 28 per cent saying they would refuse a biscuit if it looked too crumbly.

— 48 per cent said they would dunk, while 52 per cent frowned on the act. However, men (55 per cent) are rather more likely to dunk than women (45 per cent).

.. half of professionals would not take more than two biscuits during the meeting, with only 18 per cent saying they would stretch to three.